What do we do with your money?

An important task of our foundation is to monitor the forum on the website and to answer questions from children, parents and social workers. Furthermore, money is needed to develop new materials to support children even better if one of their parents or another neighbor is confronted with cancer. You can find examples of materials that have already been developed when ordering.

You can support us financially in the following ways:

  • Donate to account NL46INGB0660238713 t.n.v. the "Verdriet door je hoofd" foundation in Amsterdam.
  • Transfer a (fixed) amount periodically.
  • If you want to give € 100.00 or more per year, it is interesting to do so in the form of a periodic donation for a period of five years. This donation is fully tax deductible. Look at the Tax Authorities for the best way to do this.

If you want to support us in a different way, you can do so in one of the following ways:

  • Set up an action for us. We can send you Pr materials if required.
  • Help us with good ideas for fundraising and publicity
  • Call us at congresses and meetings and / or represent with a stand
  • Report the existence of the Foundation in print or on your website

We cannot do our work without your help!
For more information you can contact Janny Salomé, secretary.


We have an ANBI status. An ANBI is a public benefit organization. An institution can only be an ANBI if it is at least 90% committed to the common good.

Tax authorities: ANBI

The first setup of this website was built by Redkiwi free of charge.

We are grateful for the grants received from AstraZeneca BV and Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland. Without these grants it would not have been possible to renew the information material and to distribute it further to the target group.

The extension of the website with the 3-5 year categories has been made possible in part by Pink Ribbon.

The conversion of the website to a mobile version has been made possible in part by Mariëlle Voormolen and Innerwheel.

The development of Jess is made possible by Stichting Roparun.